Time to Mend

Well it’s a new year.

2010 was a really rough year for me. I had previously thought that 2009 was sucky. 2010 was most likely the worst year of my life. But there was a shining star, amidst the dark night clouds.

And no it wasn’t my cookbook! My second cookbook came out in December. That was literally 5 plus years of aggravation for me. So no, that was not the bright shining star that illuminated the dark corners of my life!

Truth comes out – I fell in love in July. Yes. That was a long time ago. Now trust me, I wasn’t just flippantly writing these blogs with some sick pleasure. It’s not hard to dig up feelings of loneliness and heartbroken-ness even when you are in a wonderful relationship. Sometimes these feelings are just right under the surface. So I was retreating to these crummy (yet sometimes positive!) places in order to keep the blog going.

What happened to me –  totally unexpected and out of the blue, a total miracle, can happen to you too. But the last thing you wanted me to do was write about how happy I was 😉

Pain and despair are always right around the corner…

But so is happiness. You just have to have a keen eye sometimes. It doesn’t always come the way you figure it will.

Anyhow, despite feeling so different when I first started this blog, my heart still hasn’t healed. So I’m still with ya all… but sometimes you gotta shake yourself and take that leap to a better place if you are so lucky to have it offered to you.  Mending is hard when you are taking a magnifying glass to all the cracks.

So I’ve decided that my posts will be dwindling quite a bit. Not quite dead I guess, but perhaps it might be worth your while to subscribe if you are interested in reading the next one in a timely manner!

I want to give my new partner the whole heart, even if there’s still some dents and chips that make me want to hide bits of it.

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #23: It will be hard for you to notice a good thing when it comes your way. You will remember past traumas and hurtful moments. You’ve probably built a brick wall to keep you from being in those situations again. Well, listen to a person who’s been there – you’ve got to throw yourself in. You’ ve just got to do it. Don’t let yourself become so afraid that you get cold. There’s warmth around the corner. Embrace it when it comes your way!

Broken Heart Song #23

Thanks for reading peoples! I hope your broken heart is mending and I hope you are getting some awesome vegan food into your belly 🙂


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