Baking the Blues Away

There’s nothing like the smell of cinnamon or chocolate coming from your kitchen. It’s especially useful if you are suffering from a broken heart. You’re feeling useless and pitiful but you have the strength to be amazing despite your blues! Get out your favourite vegan baking book and go buy the best baking ingredients you can find. If you live in Toronto I recommend Panacea Eco Shop. Organic and fair trade ingredients galore. And it’s Toronto’s only all vegan grocery store!

Here’s two recipes to get you started.

Cinnamon Chocolate Sour Creem Cake

Yield: 10 – 12-inch bundt pan

This cake is really nice. The cinnamon adds a little surprise to people just expecting regular chocolate cake.

Sour Creem:

1 cup firm silken tofu

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup oil

dash of salt


1/2 cup margarine

1/2 cup oil

2 cups sugar

1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons ground flax mixed with 1 cup water

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 3/4 cups flour

1/2 cup cocoa

3 teaspoons cinnamon

1. Preheat oven to 325 F. Grease a 10” or 12” tube (bundt) pan.

2. In a large bowl cream the margarine, oil and sugar until fluffy. Add the flax/water mixture and vanilla, mixing well.

3. In another large bowl sift and mix the dry ingredients.

4. Add the dry mix to the wet bowl, alternately with the sour creem and beating after each addition.

5. Pour into pan and bake approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes. Cool for about 15 minutes in the pan, then turn out onto a wrack for cooling completely.

Next is something savory, because you shouldn’t eat too much sugar when you have a broken heart. This is a healthy yet really scrumptious and feel good way to get some protein and veggies:

Broccoli, Ham and Cheeze Buns

1 pack yeast

1 c warm water

1/4 c sugar

1 tsp salt

3 c all purpose flour (sift before measure)

1/4 c olive or sunflower oil

1 c steamed broccoli pieces

1/2 c daiya or other cheeze

1/2 c soy ham pieces, fried

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water with sugar and salt.

2.  Add oil and half of the flour. Beat until very smooth

3. Add remaining flour to mixture and blend well.

4. Add the broccoli, cheeze and soy ham.

5. Let dough rise in a greased bowl, with a damp towel on top. Rise until about double in bulk, about 30 min.

6. Drop dough into greased muffin tins, filling each half way. Let rise again for 30 min. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

7. Bake for 15 min.

Broccoli, Ham, Cheeze Dough

Just make sure you choose a bigger bowl to fit your dough that I did. OOPS! I was making a crap load for anti-G20 eaters… so that’s my excuse. 🙂

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #16: Write your thoughts down, diary style. You don’t ever need to show anyone if you don’t want. It’ll help get your emotions out, if you are the kind that tends to hide them, and it’ll help you figure things out, if you are confused. You can look back months later and gather info that will make you get a better idea of who you are, or just look at your emotional progress.

Broken Heart Song #16 (This one is for all those who read the last post and wish I had written about girls breaking hearts)


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Boys Behaving Badly…

Oh Gosh,

I really must apologize. I have been very very absent from here. Wasn’t my intention to ever have such lag between posts!

Boys Behaving Badly… this is the topic today. It seems that in the past year and a bit, many many girls have had their hearts broken by boys. I know many boys have also had their hearts broken by girls too (and girls getting hearts broken by girls and boys hearts broken by boys and trans people receiving/giving broken hearts too!) But it is quite shocking to me how many boys have been breaking girls hearts lately!

When I was younger, and much more naive and stubborn, I believed there wasn’t any difference between boys and girls. I don’t believe this anymore. The more I look at the boys in my life, mostly boys who aren’t in my life anymore, I see similarities that I don’t see in my female friends.

I don’t think I would ever start to read “Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus” – because I don’t really like to emphasize the differences in such a consumerist way… but the fact remains… In my life, boys have proven to have screwed up views on perfectly good amazing relationships and the women they are with.

So… if you are a boy reading this and are in a het relationship – give yourself a good looking over. If you’ve got a good woman hang on to her! Don’t be silly and jerky and do things to hurt her. Love, support her and LISTEN to her.

If you are a woman in a relationship with a difficult man – think this through! Yes it’s quite possible ALL men are screwed up and will give you heart ache. But it’s also possible you are a better and stronger person alone. Or that the REAL right person is just around the corner, or perhaps you need to embrace your queer side 🙂

I bought this interesting can from an Asian Grocery store (thanks to Renee for cluing me in)

Breadnut in Coconut Milk

I made this into a simple pasta dish with fresh tomato. Rice pasta of course. Frankly, I can only mildly tell the difference between rice and wheat pasta these days. Perhaps because they’ve done a good job of ridding the rice stuff of sogginess. This dish is good just with salt, pepper and maybe a little bit of nutmeg. I mixed in some vegan ham and added olive and (cheap) truffle oil.

Breadnut Pasta

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #15: Girl did you eat so much your tummy hurts? Try going on a fast. Fasting is about cleansing, but not starving yourself. I mentioned this in the first post. If you’re eating because you’re emotional it’ll surely cause you more pain. So dig in and try your will power: You do 2 days of raw food, 5 days of watered down fresh juices and 2 days of raw food. While doing the juicing you also take extra fibre and plenty of water. I found psyllium husks in capsule form to be the best way to  do this. As for juices – focus on fresh veggie juices like celery, greens, beets. Ginger and organic apple are good. Taking echinacea, pau d’arco capsules or teas is beneficial. You can make a warm healthful broth with onion, garlic, celery, carrot, cabbage. Simmer the veggies and strain.

Broken Heart Vegan Song #15

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When you get irritated…

I’m so sensitive to temperatures lately. At first I was just cold all the time, but in the past few years I’ve also been the first to whine “Turn on the air conditioning!!!” 😛 Personally I think a/c is pretty evil, yet when I am friggin cranky and sweat is pouring I am extremely grateful.

The broken heart does not help in trying to not be heat cranky. When it gets unbearably hot the only way I can seem to deal is to frequently step into a cold shower and eat tons of cold things.

My favourite and easiest is popsicles. If I needed to, I would live off them when the temp gets higher than 82 degrees.

To make things a LITTLE more interesting, I do yogurt pops.

Soy Yogurt Creemcycles

Soy yogurt, frozen orange juice concentrate and almond milk. Blend it up!

Look Ma! No Class!

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #14: Even when you are low down, you’ll need to start thinking about the future. How will you eventually mend this broken heart? Sure it will heal on its own with time – but it’s like a broken appendage. You can’t just let it sit there and not nurture it. It might heal the wrong way and give you pain for the rest of your life. Start thinking about the things you will do to help yourself in the near future. Maybe it’s a simple as in two weeks time you will go to an indie movie and gobble up a big bag of popcorn. (But check the ingredients! I was just told that a lot of movie popcorn has EGG PRODUCTS in it! UG!)

Broken Heart Song #14 (This video changed my life. I saw it, at all places, at The Bay [big department store for all you non-Canadians]. I was 14 and I was mesmerized.)

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And then there was light…

The longest darkest tunnels have an exit. There is always an end that heads back out into daylight. Spring WILL follow Winter (unless Global Warming changes all that!) and you WILL smile again.

It’s Burger Time!

More raw food for you. This one is again from Raw: The Uncook Book. Listen, Juliano is a weird guy. The pics in the book are sometimes down right hilarious, and the quantities and serving amounts are almost always frustratingly wrong. (Take the carrot cake. Serves 2? No it MAKES TWO CAKES!) But despite this his recipes really rock. If you know how to cook you will know where the mistakes are and can adjust.

(Cheese) Burger #1

Blend the nuts etc. Yes it looks like ALPO.

Form Patties and put on Dehydrator Sheet

This is my dehydrator. Yes it's Excaliber. You really must be a spend thrift if your eyes go wide. It's only $100! Stay away from the bars for a month and you'll have enough to get one too! Sheesh!

1 cup walnuts, soaked

1 cup almonds, soaked

1 cup portobello mushrooms, chopped

1/2 c grated carrot

1 tb miso

1/4 c minced onion

2 tsp salt

1 tsp corriander, ground

1 tsp chili powder

2/3 c water or veg juice (I used beet)

Form 11 patties and dehydrate for 8 hours at 90 degrees F.

I topped mine with rice cheese and ate on a gluten free bun with tomato and a bit of avocado. I made some kale chips a few days before (the BEST way to eat kale I kid you not!) And some nice soul gave me a butter tart whose buddies were heading towards Sadie’s Diner for tastin’. It was a damn good butter tart I must say!

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #13: One day you will settle down for a good nights rest and it will suddenly occur to you “Oh! I didn’t think of my heart breaker at all today”

Broken Heart Song #13

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A Bigger Kind of Heart Breaking

The State can break your heart too…

I’m not talking about YOUR state – like Oregon. I’m talking about the tight weave of government/police/military/corporations that exist everywhere.

In fact, when is The State NOT breaking your heart? That may be  the question.

When we heard the G20 was coming to Toronto we first thought “WHY?” Why put such a thing right in the center of the largest city in Canada? A group of wealthy countries meeting to talk about the economy and how to make sure they keep their fingers in the pie. Nothing else. They don’t even have TIME to talk about anything else because they come for TWO DAYS! So our environment, our health,  ability to find affordable housing, the institutionalized abuse of animals, the entrenched racism/sexism/homophobia in our societies… all this is never touched upon. They argued over how much to cut budgets. Then they go back home and nothing changes.

So the city put up fences that covered blocks. People living in the area had to get special passes to get in and out of their own apartments or places of work. 20,000 cops showed up (four times more than the last summit meeting in Phili). These cops had tazers, guns, tear gas, pepper spray, water and sound cannons. The use of the sound cannon had to go through a court to enable it to be used!

Regular people were already in a tizzy over the militarization of the city even before the atrocities started happening.

A whole week of people’s summits and marches took place even before the delegates met. 20,000 people marched at the big rally on Saturday June 26. Thousands of people marched for Aboriginal rights, women’s rights, environmental standards, stronger health care, immigrants rights etc etc every day of the week.

If you’ve seen or read mainstream media coverage they use the words “violent”, “riot”, “clashes”. I want to tell you in the strongest way possible in writing that this was simply NOT THE CASE!

Out of the thousands and thousands of people that took part in all the demos and workshops for an entire week the only thing that happened to “make us look bad” was about 60 people smashed some windows and spray painted mostly big corporate chain stores. (There was some damage done to indie stores and I definitely don’t condone this.) (There were also a few cop cars damaged. But please question how in the world this could have happened with 20,000 cops in the area…)

That was it. No demonstrators fighting with cops (“clashes”), no people fighting cops, themselves, burning, trashing, looting (“riot”). NO VIOLENCE.

And what did we get in return for the rest of our 98% calm, but spirited, protesting? 1000 people arrested, hundreds having even nothing to do with the protests. Hundreds beaten, abused, denied water and food and toilets, mocked, slurred, left out in the cold rain for 5 hours, locked up in cages with no charge from 12 – 30 hours, wallets and clothing and press cameras taken away and not returned, shoes not returned…


It is an OUTRAGE!

And the mayor says the police acted well. And the premier says there will not be an investigation (he doesn’t want to be bothered).

My city wanted to try and win some global brownie points by hosting this. My city is afraid of their citizens and felt the need to bring in strong arms. It is the nature of capitalism to be afraid of regular people expressing their opinion – they might rise up!
And then they twist in the knife as they implied we are over reacting about the violence we experienced at the hands of the cops. Yes, that TTC guy who was just on his way to work, who got jumped and beaten and then when his supervisor came to vouch for him he was STILL arrested – he was over reacting. When a guy with a baby in an apartment who just happened to share a house with some young activists was held at gun point – he was over reacting. When a small group of singing activists were suddenly attacked for no reason and shot at – that was over reacting. When a journalist was told she better be good or she’d get raped – she was over reacting.

My city broke my heart last weekend. My city hurt me so bad I wanted to hurt them back. I saw what they did with my own two eyes, I experienced disrespect and downright violent acts directed towards me. Yeah they were from people dressed all in black – but they weren’t the famed Black Bloc!

It was a really intense week that didn’t end on the Sunday. We had marches and gatherings for the next week. It will continue as we fight to have inquiries and we get together our class action civil liberties lawsuit. We will make them pay! We don’t have to use their violence, we don’t even have to smash their property (although some folks will choose to show their anger this way.) We will fight with our words and fists clenched in the air, we will do creative civil disobedience to get their attention. We will take care of the 1000 people who got arrested and the other thousands who have been traumatized. We will not let them get away with this!

It is unbelievable that I kept going and participating for as long as I did. Generally I only have enough energy to really get me through half a day. But a week before everything started I decided to give VEGA a try. It’s a complete food powder that you add to juice, water, or smoothie. I tried the Whole Food Smoothie Infusion. It’s a green powder that is gritty – even in a smoothie.

available at Panacea in Toronto!

I knew I wouldn’t be getting too much food into my system as I biked round and round and marched here and there, so I thought it would be good to get the Vega that I could add to fruit and almond milk. It has a definite “green” taste, but it is mostly hidden with the addition of the fruit. The grittiness isn’t too bad (lots say they can’t tell) – and I am able to get this stuff down every day.

Anyway, I highly recommend the stuff. It’s a little pricey but it seems to last quite a while… and if it can add a few hours of productivity to my day – I’m all for that!

Here are some photos that you might not have seen because mainstream media was focusing so much on the black bloc:

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #12: Don’t let your heart breaker get away with it! Make sure you tell them how much they have hurt you. Who knows, they may be stupid enough that they don’t even know! It’ll make you fell better and it’ll make them think about their actions.

Broken Heart Song #12

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This place has the Keys to my Heart (har har)

Back to places that HAVEN’T broken my heart… Key West!

I did this road trip from Daytona Beach to the Keys in 2000. It was a little bizarre because it was during the US elections and as I sat in an art deco hotel turned hostel turned cheap ass sex trade hang out (the taxi driver was worried for me) I watched “the day after” coverage. It was weird to be in the state that caused so much trouble.

Any rate, I never actually made in down to Key West. I rented a car and had lots of stops along the way including the Cartoon Museum, some punk record stores and Coral Castle (Coral Castle I will leave for another post as it fits in well with the broken heart theme). This year I decided to make that trip again, only it was going to be a mad dash to the most southern tip of the United States.

Well, I fell in love! Sure it’s a tourist trap, but unlike any other tourist trap the quirky element of this town is BIGGER than the touristy crap. It’s hella frustrating actually getting there by car – because there is only one road in and  out and if you get behind a slow mover – god help you! But once you’re there your stress evaporates. (It’s hot, right? 😉 ) It’s a town that has one main drag where all the tourists hang out and lots of little nooks and crannies which are totally walkable whether you are staying in the action or outside of it.

The architecture was pretty sweet. Lots of old detailed houses. Like all of Florida there was PLENTY of real estate. Lots of people unfortunately lost their homes in this state during the crash of the big scam. Although, I have to wonder if most of the houses in the Keys are vacation houses. At any rate, they were still more expensive than I would have imagined and I don’t think my little day dream of moving there will ever happen 😛

There are wild roosters  that hang out, crow a lot and make mischiefs of themselves. Some locals want to “get rid of them” but so far they have held on. I certainly did not find them ugly, dirty or disease ridden – as the anti-Rooster jerks spout. They are incredibly beautiful and yes, I would probably get really mad if they constantly woke me up at 5am like they tend to do, but I would still love them.

There’s all kinds of weird and wonderful people… and GERMANS. Lots of Germans. They seemed very nice too 🙂 The postal worker, who was delivering mail on the main drag, was super sweet and she went around so contented like she knew she had the best job in the world!

The food…

Yes, that’s why you are here! Well the food was ever better than anything else! I was in Key West for a total of 24 hours and I managed to eat from 3 different places (and I went to one place twice!)

Things were a little more expensive than Toronto or other parts of Florida, but they did it right!

I had lunch at The Cafe, just off the main drag it serves up incredibly tasty food and has good hours. There’s a couple fish dishes on the menu but mostly everything is veg and there’s a decent vegan selection. I had an INCREDIBLE… INCREDIBLE chickn salad sandwich that had grapes and almonds in it! YOWZA! I walked to the beach with it.

Just beyond the sandwich you can see Cuba ha ha ha!

The health food store – Sugar Apple – was stocked ok and they had a nice little juice bar on the side that had a cute boy behind the cash. I bought some nice rice/millet crackers that you can only find in Florida. I love these things.

The same bakery, Sami’s, also does a really great gluten free chocolate chip cookie. Quite possibly the best GF choc cookie I’ve had. The secret ingredients seems to be soy butter? Check em!

Ok so after I scorched myself in the sun eating this amazing sandwich I did some more walking around, quite a bit of it in fact, and then it was dinner time. I had a nice raw dinner and dessert (which I saved for the next day) from Help Yourself although for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what I ate! I remember WHERE I ate it – on the OTHER beach – on the Gulf side – whose handful of inhabitants were very much NOT tourists.

Then I went over to Green Republic to get a sandwich for the drive the next day. I chose Corned Beef and I found out they make the vegan cheese themselves! How great and mysterious! I nearly bought of one their delightful looking cupcakes but I had to resist… because…

I then walked back over to The Cafe because they were serving a key lime cheezecake. How could I be in Key West and not eat Key Lime (although it’s sad to report that most key limes come from Mexico and Central America now because of Free Trade. It’s frustrating to think I was eating the juice of a fruit that I could have picked from a tree in some one’s back yard, but instead came thousands of miles away)? At this point I was extremely stuffed and had walked all day, so I decided to let my dessert wait in the hotel room as I went on a ghost walking tour (which turned out to be 2 hours long!)

Walking off dinner was a good idea because this was sooo rich and delicious I can still taste it:

It was tres fabulous!

What I liked best about Key West was the fact I could be a foodie tourist and STILL see mostly everything I wanted to see that WASN’T related to food. I can not say this of New York City. I’ve been about 6 times and each time I just go from place to place eating. I’ve only been to TWO museums/galleries on ALL my trips combined! Key West was mostly about eating and walking… two things I like very much 🙂

On a worried note – this whole BP oil spill could KILL Key West (OR the rest of the Gulf! Rest of the planet!) THAT would break my heart…

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #12: Living in a city that’s breaking your heart? Take out a map and take a good look at what’s around you. Get on your bike and go for a ride to a place you’ve never been to. I bet you will find a little nook and cranny of a park or neighborhood that heals your heart. Maybe it’s an East Indian grocery store or a park dedicated to roses… maybe it’s even a building that was built in 1910 in a town known for tearing everything old and beautiful down… Make it your own little secret bit of happiness.

Broken Heart Song #12 (No. No freakin Jimmy Buffet for you my friends)

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Good Place to Get Some Thinking Done

Cities can break your heart too… not just beings. Ties to places can be so fragile. People, jobs  – they take you from one place to another. You can move around constantly looking for the perfect home. You may never find it.

Two towns have broke my heart. Town A was a refuge from a bad break up. I crossed the border in 1998 and the guard hauled me in to ask a lot of questions – including “You are visiting someone you met on the internet!?” (We had actually met through MaximimRocknRoll, but I wasn’t going to say “classified section in a punk rock fanzine”!) Now I’m sure you’re thinking, in this day and age of dating online, that I  was going to this town because of a boy… but I wasn’t. Or more like it wasn’t for romantic reasons. Although I did fall for the town itself.

Town A was a shockingly small place for my big city roots, where people would walk into your house unannounced. Where punk rock wasn’t quite like the punk rock I knew from the big city. It was a super month. I think it was my best summer ever. Trouble began for me when I didn’t recognize it as being a one night stand. I kept wanting to have a relationship with Town A. I wanted to know how everyone was and what everyone was doing and what was going on with the movie theatres and health food stores. To its credit, Town A didn’t dump me all at once. It happened it stages. We even got together again for a brief period where I was trying to relive that one amazing summer and IT wanted our relationship to grow and become more complex.  11 years is a long time to hold on to something that wants to get away from you…

Eventually it changed so much I no longer considered it my second home. I think it was grateful. “Whew!” it said, “Glad she’s finally out of our hair!” But I am still scared…

Town B was like a colourful holiday brochure that ends up being a poor country that REALLY doesn’t want you and your rich flabby ass there…  Town B broke my heart because I just couldn’t fit in.

Oh the city itself was great – fruit trees everywhere, different bodies of water, culture to entice even the most bored soul, free health clinics… But the inhabitants were so busy being hipsters they didn’t know when to be warm and open. They tried really hard to forget there was an outside word, or that there was a world in the same town just outside their little bubble.

I lived my sad little lonely existence in the town that didn’t know my name and didn’t give two shits when I left.  Who patted my head and said “Oh sure you’re one of us” while turning to a friend and rolling its eyes.

I sometimes dream about going back into its arms… but only if I were to have my own tiny army of friends for support and barrier jumping.

Traveling around, sometimes you get a hankering for a cupcake. But my word! How DO you carry a cupcake with you? I usually avoid products made in China (virtually everything you buy at malls and department stores), because it’s 90% sure there is slave labour involved, but I couldn’t resist this:

Cupcake Carrier!

This cupcake carrier is carrying a Lavender Chocolate cupcake from Sweets from the Earth (Have I mentioned that they make the BEST CHEEZECAKE ever? And yes I’ve had Portland and Eugene vegan cheesecakes!)

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #11:  Get a haircut. No I’m not calling you a dirty long haired hippy – merely suggesting that a haircut and make you feel like a new person and as a new person you will get over your broken heart faster and easier. You are a superstar and everyone will smile and nod as you pass, thinking “Yep. That person has got it together!”

Broken Heart Song #11

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Eggplant and love is strange

Eggplants are a funny vegetable. Too many times I have run horrified from eggplant dishes. Admittedly, they are mostly cooked by people who also like zucchini (not a fav) and peppers (HATE!!!). It’s like they went to Nightshade Cooking School. Apologies for offensive remarks… especially because zucchini isn’t a nightshade…I’m just a broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, corn kind of girl 🙂

So… to avoid a nasty dinner, I usually only eat eggplants in the form of baba ganouche (like hummus but with roasted eggplant!) Before being vegan I would occasionally eat eggplant parmesan – a staple for vegetarians at DECENTLY catered weddings 😉

Now there is Dominex (or, as my brain always twists “Dominatrix”)  frozen breaded eggplant for those lucky enough to live in the states.

Easy, gorgeous, delicious. You’ll never want to mess with the fresh stuff again… unless you’re making baba ganouche of course!

It’s really too bad love isn’t as easy as Dominex Eggplant Cutlets.

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #10:  Got jilted? Write a list of bad qualities of your dumper. It’s probably longer than you would have ever imagined!

Broken Heart Song #10

bonus song: At one time I thought maybe this song was also by Mickey and Silvia but it is Mel and Dave. I think the “tock tock tock” is what confused me.  For me this song is a mix of extreme sadness and extreme hilarity. My ex and I use to kill ourselves laughing over this “outsider” (?) song. The cowbell, the guy’s warbling, the tone that cracks your ear drums when they belt “reeeaaalll” together. You need to listen to it!

Eggplant on FoodistaEggplant

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Get the hell away…

I don’t know about you, but when things get really miserable I find the best thing to do is just LEAVE. But that’s me – I’d rather be the person leaving than the person staying. Even when things are good and comfy I always envy the person moving on.

The best thing about traveling or just plain getting out of your bubble is all the great food you can find! I associate some places with specific foods I can’t get at “home” (where ever that happens to be at the moment).

For instance. We here in Canada do not the wonderful pleasure of eating So Delicious’ Coconut Milk Yogurt. Traveling down to the south I was tickled to find it in one single health food store in Daytona Beach. Awesomeness! Both the plain, and especially the vanilla, were beyond tasty. It’s really great to be able to eat yogurt and not have the “soy bloat” that I know more and more of you vegans are getting these days…

I ate the yogurt with muesli (not my fav kind of cereal but it seemed “healthy”), fresh strawberries and a touch of almond milk.

Soy Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt and "healthy" cereal

To top this was the view I was staring at while I ate:

Coconut Milk Yogurt View

Another great product that I didn’t even know EXISTED, which is also a great purchase for those with “soy bloat”, is 100% gluten free/soy free burgers made with rice and veggies. FINALLY! It was nice with SOL from Quebec made a 100% soy and no gluten. But Bahama Burgers have topped it.

Rice Burger with mashed potatoes and gravy

As you can see, I sort of cheated with the “full of gluten” white bread bun. But the gravy is gluten free because I use Road’s End. (The only gravy I need!)

Now I will admit that burger isn’t that hot. It looks so mouth watering on the package but it’s just too mushy to simulate any of the “just like burger” burgers we are use to nowadays. So, if they were available in Canada, I might just buy them once a blue moon, when I was feeling lazy and in the healthy burger mindset. I  actually don’t even eat soy/gluten veggie burgers very much. Call me bourgeois 😉

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #9: Now I don’t recommend simply doing a runner with out plan and leaving everything behind on a whim, or even taking off for a month or year and a half (as I have been known to do)  – just going to some other familiar place that makes you feel good is a  great healer. I guess that’s why all those women go and live with their moms when their marriage breaks up. Or take a short trip to somewhere you’ve never been and always wanted to go. Now there’s time! That person or situation that broke your heart is now in the past. It’s time to look into your glorious future! And perhaps that’s canoeing in Lake Placid or hang gliding in the Rockies (forgive me if it’s impossible to hang glide in the Rockies. What does this city girl know?!)

Broken Heart Song #9

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Pocket Dinner

When you have a broken heart sometimes you battle the sadness by working a lot, having hectic or over flowing days. When I’m out too much I get tempted to live off of  bad stuff like french fries and veggie (read “soy/gluten”) burgers.

Daiya Cheese to the rescue!

I too have been wooed by this amazing soy and gluten free MELTING (really melting!) cheese alternative. While I might not be as crazy as some people (I’m still on my first container I bought a couple months ago at Panacea, the local vegan store) I do think it’s the best vegan cheese yet and would be quite satisfied if there were no other melty cheese alternatives available.

Anyway, my idea is that you make these “pizza pocket” type things and you can carry them around with you as a quick, yummy and (if you put vegetables in them) healthy meal.

For the dough, I used the Calzones recipe from The Uncheese Cookbook.

The Dough

1.5 tsp dry yeast

1 c lukewarm water

1 tsp sweetener (I used agave)

3/4 tsp salt

2-3 cups whole wheat flour, more or less as needed (I used a combo of a little bit of white and a big mix of gluten free I had around including brown rice, quinoa, millet and sorghum)

Place yeast in a big bowl with sweetener and pour warm water over it.  Let rest 5 min. Beat in enough flour until it’s a soft but kneadable dough. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead 5 min until smooth and elastic.

Oil a big bowl and place dough, swirling around to coat. Place a damp clean kitchen towel over the top and place in a warm place for 1 hour.

The Filling

Do what the heck you want! Me, I like all kinds of different things. Lots of sauce. This time I used onions, portabello mushrooms, a bit of wilting spinach, jarred cheap tomato sauce, fresh basil (stuff I had rotting in the fridge. oops) and the crowning glory – Tofurkey Kielbasa. Yes, you are right, this wasn’t the most healthy calzone I could have come up with, but who’s got time to shop for produce when you have a broken heart? And does it ever make a grand alternative to french fries!

Veg in the foreground and Tofurkey in the background

Putting it all together

Roll out 6″ rounds and put a few tablespoons of filling and cheese in the middle.

Dough. Filling. Cheese. They meet.

Seal up them things by putting a little water on one edge, bringing the other side over and crimping the edges with a fork or your fingers. Don’t worry if they are wonky. I don’t. Frankly, I’ve never really cared what the stuff I eat looks like. I don’t have time to worry about getting all my pockets to look uniform.

Ready to go into the oven.

Make sure you poke holes in the tops. Other wise they will explode. That would be very very sad. If you want to save cleaning up your baking pan, put parchment paper on it and compost the paper when you are done.

Bake for 20-25 min in a preheated 400 degree oven.

Then eat silly!

Just look at that stringy cheese!

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #8: See a funny movie. The Marx Brothers do it for me every time. Screwball comedies from the 30’s also make me glow with delight. If you’re into Family Guy or Adam Sandler, that’s cool too 🙂

Broken Heart Song #8 (Sausages remind me of Portland OR. They were new and fancy for me because they weren’t on the shelves in Canada yet. And the Microcosm house cooked them on their Foreman Grill. I ate too many of those things. At any rate, Portland also reminds me of this band, who I got to see many many wonderful times when I lived there)

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