Guess what this is and win!

Sometimes when you have a broken heart you just don’t want  to cook. Or eat. Or work. Or take your dog for a walk. Sometimes all you can muster is a quick meal of canned beans and left over rice. Sometimes you end up with crazy concoctions that would never have come to you if you hadn’t had a broken heart.

Below is one such crazy concoction. What to do with left overs. You probably have not thought of this before. For what it’s worth I’d probably not do it again!

Anyhow, study this picture closely. In the celebration of Vegan Food Month I’m giving away an awesome cookbook by my friend Joshual Ploeg – Something Delicious This Way Comes. Joshua is a touring chef and I will bet my Monty Python DVD collection that you have never tasted such awesome food! He also has a new book with Microcosm called In Search of Lost Taste. I will be delving into this book a little bit in the next couple weeks.

Something Delicious This Way Comes has such tantalizing dishes as Avocado Mousse, Tangerine Curry, Rose Fritters, Banana Custard! All you need to do to win this baby is comment what you think this concoction is below. The first right answer gets the prize, or the closest answer by  Nov 15th gets it 😀

hint: left overs

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #18: Cut out news for 2 weeks. All news! Even good informative stuff like Znet, Democracy Now or community radio. Keeping up with the horrids of life can be quite taxing. And while you have a broken heart you need to focus on healing it.

Broken Heart Song #18: (includes the best lyrics to go along with the last blog: If life’s not beautiful without the pain,
well I’d just rather never ever even see beauty again.)


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  1. warrior two replied:

    Is it a vegan B.L.A.T.?

    • heartbrokevegan replied:

      Is a B.L.A.T different from a B.L.T? What does that “A” stand for?

      • warrior two replied:

        Avocado! But that must mean it’s not a BLAT!

  2. heather replied:

    Seven layer taco dip on toast with banana pudding?

  3. Celine replied:

    Some type of taco salad.

  4. บริการ seo replied:

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  5. Gina replied:

    I say it’s a vegan nacho sandwich!

  6. celyn replied:

    It looks like a Navajo taco that I ate in Durango, Colorado, basically a fried bread base for a taco salad. And is that a vegan sour cream?

  7. megan newhouse-bailey replied:

    taco salad on toast?

  8. kittee replied:

    taco flavored cornbread stuffing with country gravy?


  9. kittee replied:

    oh wait! i am a genius.. or maybe you are, if i am right…


  10. Noelle replied:

    Interesting giveaway! It looks like a taco salad but then I am thrown off with the garlic bread on the side. Croutons perhaps with an avocado dressing??

  11. phoenix replied:

    It looks like cornbread topped with something seitan-y, topped again with avocado and vegan cheese. Oh wait, I think I just spotted a tomato! I wouldn’t know what to call this, but I think kittee is a genius. 😉

  12. CYoFC replied:

    A sandwich consisting of MorningStar burger crumbles, lettuce, tomato, cheddar Daiya cheese, Veganaise, and guacamole?

  13. cakenstein replied:

    This is great contest! You mentioned having a broken heart, so you might want something sweet. I’m going to say the base is a cookie with crumbled tempeh and vegenaise! A Cookie-Taco!

  14. cakenstein replied:

    taco fixin’s on a peanut butter blondie. win?

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