Oh my I’ve been busy…

I’ve been busy, and not thinking too much about broken hearts. Sorry about that! 😉

I started a draft but was waiting to get home to get the pictures… that was almost a month ago.

I keep forgetting that I can just blog away, without having the standard format of pictures, recipes, tips and songs. It’s kind of like when I don’t write emails to my penpals. It just seems SO WRONG. (I am such a virgo!)

As you wait, suck a mint and take a look at Vegan Mo Fo – Vegan month of food (it’s November). There’ll be nearly 400 bloggers blogging everyday about the thing you can’t stop thinking about – cruelty free yumminess! It’s insiane

I’ll be having a give away. I just need my buddy Kelly to show me how to do such a thing. My quick grasp of technology dwindled by 2005 😛

If you are a blogger, blogging about vegan-ness – why not sign up for Vegan Mo Fo??


October 22, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. japandream.es replied:

    Weight loss plan” and Low-Fats” Products: Most of these well being foods” aren’t healthy in any respect.

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