Eggplant and love is strange

Eggplants are a funny vegetable. Too many times I have run horrified from eggplant dishes. Admittedly, they are mostly cooked by people who also like zucchini (not a fav) and peppers (HATE!!!). It’s like they went to Nightshade Cooking School. Apologies for offensive remarks… especially because zucchini isn’t a nightshade…I’m just a broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, corn kind of girl 🙂

So… to avoid a nasty dinner, I usually only eat eggplants in the form of baba ganouche (like hummus but with roasted eggplant!) Before being vegan I would occasionally eat eggplant parmesan – a staple for vegetarians at DECENTLY catered weddings 😉

Now there is Dominex (or, as my brain always twists “Dominatrix”)  frozen breaded eggplant for those lucky enough to live in the states.

Easy, gorgeous, delicious. You’ll never want to mess with the fresh stuff again… unless you’re making baba ganouche of course!

It’s really too bad love isn’t as easy as Dominex Eggplant Cutlets.

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #10:  Got jilted? Write a list of bad qualities of your dumper. It’s probably longer than you would have ever imagined!

Broken Heart Song #10

bonus song: At one time I thought maybe this song was also by Mickey and Silvia but it is Mel and Dave. I think the “tock tock tock” is what confused me.  For me this song is a mix of extreme sadness and extreme hilarity. My ex and I use to kill ourselves laughing over this “outsider” (?) song. The cowbell, the guy’s warbling, the tone that cracks your ear drums when they belt “reeeaaalll” together. You need to listen to it!

Eggplant on FoodistaEggplant


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