Pocket Dinner

When you have a broken heart sometimes you battle the sadness by working a lot, having hectic or over flowing days. When I’m out too much I get tempted to live off of  bad stuff like french fries and veggie (read “soy/gluten”) burgers.

Daiya Cheese to the rescue!

I too have been wooed by this amazing soy and gluten free MELTING (really melting!) cheese alternative. While I might not be as crazy as some people (I’m still on my first container I bought a couple months ago at Panacea, the local vegan store) I do think it’s the best vegan cheese yet and would be quite satisfied if there were no other melty cheese alternatives available.

Anyway, my idea is that you make these “pizza pocket” type things and you can carry them around with you as a quick, yummy and (if you put vegetables in them) healthy meal.

For the dough, I used the Calzones recipe from The Uncheese Cookbook.

The Dough

1.5 tsp dry yeast

1 c lukewarm water

1 tsp sweetener (I used agave)

3/4 tsp salt

2-3 cups whole wheat flour, more or less as needed (I used a combo of a little bit of white and a big mix of gluten free I had around including brown rice, quinoa, millet and sorghum)

Place yeast in a big bowl with sweetener and pour warm water over it.  Let rest 5 min. Beat in enough flour until it’s a soft but kneadable dough. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead 5 min until smooth and elastic.

Oil a big bowl and place dough, swirling around to coat. Place a damp clean kitchen towel over the top and place in a warm place for 1 hour.

The Filling

Do what the heck you want! Me, I like all kinds of different things. Lots of sauce. This time I used onions, portabello mushrooms, a bit of wilting spinach, jarred cheap tomato sauce, fresh basil (stuff I had rotting in the fridge. oops) and the crowning glory – Tofurkey Kielbasa. Yes, you are right, this wasn’t the most healthy calzone I could have come up with, but who’s got time to shop for produce when you have a broken heart? And does it ever make a grand alternative to french fries!

Veg in the foreground and Tofurkey in the background

Putting it all together

Roll out 6″ rounds and put a few tablespoons of filling and cheese in the middle.

Dough. Filling. Cheese. They meet.

Seal up them things by putting a little water on one edge, bringing the other side over and crimping the edges with a fork or your fingers. Don’t worry if they are wonky. I don’t. Frankly, I’ve never really cared what the stuff I eat looks like. I don’t have time to worry about getting all my pockets to look uniform.

Ready to go into the oven.

Make sure you poke holes in the tops. Other wise they will explode. That would be very very sad. If you want to save cleaning up your baking pan, put parchment paper on it and compost the paper when you are done.

Bake for 20-25 min in a preheated 400 degree oven.

Then eat silly!

Just look at that stringy cheese!

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #8: See a funny movie. The Marx Brothers do it for me every time. Screwball comedies from the 30’s also make me glow with delight. If you’re into Family Guy or Adam Sandler, that’s cool too 🙂

Broken Heart Song #8 (Sausages remind me of Portland OR. They were new and fancy for me because they weren’t on the shelves in Canada yet. And the Microcosm house cooked them on their Foreman Grill. I ate too many of those things. At any rate, Portland also reminds me of this band, who I got to see many many wonderful times when I lived there)


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