Great Canadian Meatout

Yes, you know my posts are wonky when I’m writing about an event that happened in March!

This was my second year attending (it’s been going for 5!) and despite the HUGE line ups I was pleased as punch. I’m not so good with numbers but it seemed like there were 200 people there.

Belinda Morris from Canadians Against Trade in Dog and Cat Fur spoke for a heart wrenching concise 15 minutes.

Goodie bags contained little trial sizes of products (I’m still making my way through LAST years!), coupons and postcards for businesses I didn’t know existed.

Raffles galore and David won TWO! I donated some truffles.

There were Daiya cheese items, which delighted many, and incredible savory pastries, layered dips, healthy greens (even raw Kale Chips! Whoah!) and mock meat items.

I should have lots of photos but my attention ended up being focused on these two:

Nat and B (in the cutest hat ever!), happy to be finally fed!

I REALLY tried not to go crazy with the desserts. I tried. I THINK I did ok. But they had fudge. Yummy blessed fudge. At the end of the night when nearly every one was gone I looked at the bottom of my shoe and found….

Meatout Fudge, on my shoe

It was nice to get out. Honestly I think I hadn’t gone out for a month until that night. It seems like a year ago and yet the dull ache in my heart is still there…

Broken Heart Vegan Tip #6: You need to get out. I’m serious. You need to say “Screw it. I won’t spend another night locked up in my room” reading a “How to Get Over Your Heartbreak” book or, heaven forbid, staring at pictures of the person (or animal) who has exited your life. It’s hard, it’s bloody hard, but I bet my flattened penny collection you will feel a LOT better when you get home. Get some sun, breath the night air…

Broken Heart Song #6


May 21, 2010. dessert, entree.

One Comment

  1. Moviem@tica replied:

    I think you’re absolutely right, Siue.
    Going out is a great way to ‘clean up’ our minds and forget negative thoughts.

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